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(Tezhi -) Luzhanqi Rules - Chinese Army Chess

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Classic Army chess for
two players (without referee)

  1. The aim of the game is to take the enemy flag through a direct attack.
  2. All pieces (enemy and own) are mixed and distributed covered to the rectangular fields and Hauptquatiere. Vaults initially remain vacant.
  3. In each turn, a player may now either uncover a piece or move an uncovered piece. At the first turn through uncovering the first piece the color the player has is decided.
  4. Before the Enemy flag can be taken all minefields must be eliminated.
  5. Only the unit with the lowest rank can remove minefields without beeing destroyed by the mines - other units may sacrifice themselves to destroy the mines though.
  6. Simple soldiers may move on rails around corners.
  7. Only uncovered pieces may be attacked. This is done by moving your own unit to the unit occupied by the Enemy field.
  8. Higher-rank pieces can destroy lower-rank pieces by attack. Same-rank pieces destroy each other. Lower-units may be sacrificed by unsuccessful attack, too.
  9. Missiles can destroy every enemy unit (with exception to the flag and the mine field), but they are destroyed themselves, too.
  10. Units in bunkers can not be attacked. (This rule is a real funkiller - maybe you can come up with a better rule)

Alternate Gamestyles:

Secret Opening

2a. Like 2 but pieces are placed covered (or upright) turnwise until all pieces are placed but vaults need to stay clear. All stones are uncovered as soon as all pieces are placed.

3a. Like 3 but without uncovering pieces.

Capture The Flag

1a. Like rule 1 but the enemy flag needs to be captured and brought back to the own flag backpack style. The flag falls down on the spot where the flag-carriing unit is destroyed by a rocket else it is immediately picked up again by the destroyer.

Simple Mines

5a. Any-rank units may destroy mines through sacrifice.

Even simpler Mines

5ab. Like 5a but even rockets may, against rule 9, attack and destroy mines.

Classic Army chess for
two players (with referee)

This style of the game leaves more uncertainty in the game. Similar to the "Secret Opening", the players can put the stones themselves can on their own side of the board without that the opponent can determine the strength of the pieces. But when playing with referees, players can put the pieces upright, so that the opponent can not see the imprint. The referee decides the outcome of a confrontation, without that the strength of the winning piece is relvealed to the opponent. But the lost piece is given to the winner.

Multiplayer Version

LuZhanQi Vierspieler-Version / LuZhanQi four player version

The game can be played with a maximum of four players with the appropriate board. The player to the left-hand is your opponent, alternatively, opponents can also be found using a dice.

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