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Ancient Records of Historical Value Only

See [MEDIA] for recent screenshots! On this page you can see some historical screenshots only. More text to come someday.


After a long dark age of hand-coded dos software-rendering followed by likewise dark linux-console software-rendering and after some time watching the demos delivered with Mesa which was open-source OpenGL at that time: I began writing and finished the first version of my first OpenGL program over winter holydays 1999/2000. It became LinWarrior 3D 0.5 running on a Voodoo Banshee accellerator card. Anyhow the name LinWarrior 3D was somewhat accidental - it just got stuck - so it was and is still a working title for a game in it's own right to come true.

LinWarrior 3D 0.50: Early game version.

LinWarrior 3D 0.5?: Sandbox game version.